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ENG. „Art of crossing”

SHORT FILM / 2023 / 4’51”

Corporate employee and Student are going in opposite directions and have a problem with passing each other. They try to solve it in an unconventional way. The Kung Fu – way.

Director: Tobiasz Wałkiewicz
Director of Photography: Przemek Sitek
Production Manager: Julia Wołodźko
Cast/Choreography: Tomasz Koszański, Marcin Prymas
Gimbal Operator: Adam Ślesiński
Edit: Kamil Paryła
Color grading: Przemek Sitek
Producer: Tobiasz Wałkiewicz, Przemek Sitek

Shot in June 2021 on Red Epic-MX and Prime Circle XM & Laowa 12mm lenses.